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How to freeze dry candy.

How to Freeze Dry Candy: Tips & Tricks

Master the technique of how to freeze-dry candy at home. Savor intensified flavors in long-lasting confections, perfect for snacking, camping and emergencies. Read more

how to grow carrots from carrot tops

How to Grow Carrots From Carrot Tops: Step-by-Step

Discover how to cultivate veggies at home and grow carrots without buying seeds! Here's your guide for how to grow carrots from carrot tops. Read more

how to freeze dry fruit

How to Freeze Dry Fruit Without a Machine: Step-by-Step

Save money and reduce food waste by learning how to freeze-dry fruit without a machine. Our easy tutorial shows you how to do it yourself in just a few steps. Read more

how to regrow pineapple

How to Plant a Pineapple Top: Regrow Pineapple Step-by-Step

Did you know that you can regrow a sweet, juicy pineapple from a discarded top? We'll show you how to regrow a pineapple and give you all the information you need. Read more

growing vegetables from scraps

How to Regrow Unlimited Vegetables from Scraps

Learn how to regrow vegetables from scraps, save money and reduce your environmental impact. Discover the art of regrowing veggies with our easy guide! Read more

can you freeze cooked rice

Can You Freeze Cooked Rice? Yes, Here’s How

Can you freeze cooked rice? Yes, once you have the know-how. Learn how to freeze rice and find inspiration in our recipes for ways to use it afterward. Read more

how to store kiwi

How to Store Kiwi Properly (Fridge and Counter)

Kiwi fruit is delicious, and nutritious and can be expensive depending on where you live. We'll show you how to store kiwi properly to reduce household food waste. Read more

Precision fermentation

Precision Fermentation: A Revolution in Food Production?

Precision fermentation may have the potential to transform our current food system. Could a new cellular agriculture really turn microbes into bacon and eggs? Read more