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aro ace meaning

Why the Real Meaning Behind “Aro” and “Ace” Matters

An often overlooked part of the queer community, aro and ace people are sometimes lumped together. However, the meaning of aromanticism and asexuality are quite different. Read more

fruits that are vegetables

7 Fruits You Always Thought Were Vegetables

Is it a fruit or a vegetable? These 7 foods blur the lines and challenge what you thought you knew. Here's what you need to know! Read more

natural remedies for athlete's foot

6 Proven Natural Remedies for Athlete’s Foot: Causes & Cures

Athlete's foot can be painful and embarrassing, but can be treated easily at home. We'll show you 6 natural remedies for athlete's foot. Read more

conscious breathing

Conscious Breathing Can Change Your Outlook — Here’s How

Conscious breathing focuses your attention on your breath and can be used as a tool to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Learn how here. Read more

what is yin yoga

What Is Yin Yoga? Here Are its Health Benefits and 10 Poses

What is yin yoga and why is it right for you? This restorative practice is great for the body and soul. Here are our top 10 yin yoga poses. Read more

when was asbestos banned

When Was Asbestos Banned and Why?

For decades, products containing the material asbestos were widely used until scientists discovered the devastating health effects of prolonged asbestos exposure. When exactly was asbestos banned and more importantly why? Read more

Digital detox break your tech addiction

How a Digital Detox Can Cure Your Technology Addiction

All day long, our smartphones, laptops and tablets are turned on. But when is it too much, and how can a digital detox help? Read more

clean home air

8 Simple Tips for Clean Home Air — and Why You Need Them

Do you think air pollution only applies to the outdoors? On the contrary, having clean air inside is just as crucial for your health. Here's how to clean home air naturally. Read more