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companion plants for kale

20 Best Companion Plants for Kale

As either a new or experienced gardener, you may be wondering what the best companion plants for kale are. We'll show you the best vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants that you can use. Read more

what are burrs

What Are Burrs? How to Remove & Avoid the Pesky Plants

Burrs are commonly considered to be pesky as they often attach themselves to your clothes, hair, or pet if you get too close. Why do they do it? Read on to learn what burrs are and how to get rid of them safely. Read more

overwatered aloe plant

Overwatered Aloe Plant: Telltale Signs & Easy Solutions

A common mistake in taking care of aloe vera plants is watering them too much. Here's how to figure out if you have an overwatered aloe plant on your hands. Read more

How to make mugwort tea

How to Make Mugwort Tea at Home

Wondering how to make mugwort tea? This herb has loads of benefits for your mental and physical health. Read more

how to grow microgreens

How to Grow Microgreens: A Step-By-Step Guide

Microgreens an easy way to dip your toe into gardening without investing much time, money or effort. Read our DIY guide on how to grow microgreens to get planting! Read more

what are csa farms

What Are CSA Farms? A Guide to Community Supported Agriculture

What are CSA farms? Community Supported Agriculture refers to a farming operation in which growers and consumers join forces to share the risks and benefits of food production. Read more

autumn flower

10 Beautiful Autumn Flowers That Bloom in Fall

Most people associate fall colors with the changing of the leaves, but some of the most stunning shades actually come from autumn flowers. We'll take a look at some of the most beautiful native fall-blooming flowers. Read more

How to Grow a Lemon Tree

How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed – Step by Step

Ever wondered how to grow a lemon tree from seed? Lemon trees are beautiful plants bursting with color and texture. These citrus trees can be enjoyed by all. Read more