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how to make date syrup

How to Make Date Syrup in 7 Steps

Date syrup is a rich and flavorful natural sweetener that can be used on top of baked goods, ice cream, cheese and more. Read here to find out how to make date syrup. Read more

avocado oil salad dressing

Avocado Oil Salad Dressing: 5 Vegan Recipes

Avocado oil is a versatile, healthy ingredient that makes great salad dressings. Here are 5 vegan-friendly salad dressing recipes for you to try. Read more

garlic shoots

10 Tasty Ways To Use Garlic Shoots

The vibrant stalks of garlic shoots can be seen bundled together in farmer's markets or curled among your garden garlic. We'll explore what they are and 10 tasty ways to use them. Read more

Adult Capri Sun

Adult Capri Sun With Reusable Containers

Did you know you can make an adult Capri Sun with reusable containers? From recipes to fun alcohol blends, to sustainable containers — we've got you covered. Read more

Vegan Pâté

Easy Vegan Pâté with Mushrooms and Sunflower Seeds

Make this simple, delicious and sustainable vegan pâté with mushroom and sunflower seeds in only a few steps. Great on toast, or in a vegan Báhn Mì sandwich. Read more

Vegan lobster

Vegan Lobster: No-Sea-Food Recipe With 6 Ingredients

With overfishing plaguing our oceans, it's best to skip the seafood. However, you can still enjoy some vegan lobster when the craving for a lobster roll hits. Read more

Mushroom jerky recipe

Easy Vegan Mushroom Jerky Recipe

It couldn't be easier to make your own vegan mushroom jerky at home. Follow our instructions and tips to make delicious, savory mushroom jerky. Read more

Vegan Summer Rolls

Customizable Vegan Summer Rolls Recipe

Vegan summer rolls are healthy, vibrant, delicious and easy to make! Keep reading for an easy recipe to follow and some tasty ideas for fillings to inspire you. Read more