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cantaloupe recipe

10 Savory Cantaloupe Recipe Ideas

Looking for cantaloupe recipes? This summer fruit can be used to elevate savory dishes as well. We've gathered some of the best ways to use this summer melon. Read more

Date shake

Date Shake: Vegan High-Protein High-Fiber Recipe

Packed full of protein and fiber, you'll love this healthy banana date shake. It's creamy and filling, giving you a great energy boost to start the day. Read more

Date scones

Date Scones: A Vegan Recipe for this Buttery Pastry

Vegan date scones are buttery, sweet, and easy to bake. Follow this seven-ingredient recipe to make delicious classic pastry. Read more

Tahini shake

Tahini Shake: Vegan Recipe for the Creamy Treat

Tahini shakes taste nutty, creamy and sweet and can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a treat with a slice of your favorite cake. Check out this vegan recipe. Read more

cowboy caviar dip

Make the Cowboy Caviar Dip Everyone’s Talking About

Fresh, colorful, and fully customizable, this delicious cowboy caviar dip recipe is packed with nutrients you'll need to get your energy back in the summer heat. Read more

Popcorn tofu

Popcorn Tofu: Vegan Recipe in Air Fryer or Oven

Popcorn tofu is crispy and delicious, eaten as a snack with dips and sauces or served with rice and vegetables. It can be made using an oven or an air fryer — learn how here. Read more

Ube jam

Ube Jam: Recipe for Traditional Ube Halaya

Ube halaya jam is a sweet, creamy, bright purple spread from the Philippines, which can be eaten on toast or added to desserts such as ice cream. You'll love this vibrant treat! Read more

rhubarb recipe savory

Rhubarb: 3 Savory All-Vegan Recipes

Rhubarb has a unique natural flavor that combines, sweet, sour and savory. When pan-fried or roasted, rhubarb's flavors bring ordinary savory recipes to life. Read more