Reusable Nespresso Pods: 4 Reasons to Make the Switch Today

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To put a stop to the tons of aluminium waste produced by pod coffee makers, you can now make the switch to reusable Nespresso pods. But is it worth another $50 to buy an accessory to your coffee maker when the pods work just fine? Here’s a simple breakdown of why refillable coffee capsules are the best option on virtually every level.

In our last post, we reviewed three refillable coffee maker capsules for your Nespresso machine. Here are four good reasons to make the switch now.

1. Reusable Nespresso Pods are Way Cheaper

One original (non-reusable) Nespresso pod or capsule contains less than ¼ oz of coffee; do the math and you’ll find you can easily spend upwards of $50/lb this way. Further, reusable Nespresso pods give the consumer the ultimate choice of which coffee they prefer to use and can afford.

Reusable nespresso pods
Reusable nespresso pods help prevent the waste of aluminum in the capsules themselves as well as the energy needed to make them. (Photo: Utopia/aw)

2. Reusable Pods Produce Less Waste

Every single-use coffee capsule creates garbage. Aluminum is a valuable resource produced with intensive energy investment at the cost of great environmental destruction. It can be recycled in part, but that too requires a lot of energy. Each capsule is less than 1/10 oz of aluminum, but consider the impact multiplied by millions of single-use servings. A reusable Nespresso pod saves one pound of aluminum for every 230 cups of coffee brewed; on the large scale, we are talking of millions of tons of aluminum waste that could be prevented!

3. They’re More Environmentally Friendly

Conventional coffee production often causes environmental issues in the countries where it’s grown, either through pesticide use or monoculture farming methods. While they may try to confuse consumers with their own “sustainable quality” labels, the branded coffee in single-use capsules is neither fair trade nor organic. Is it because that would be too expensive? As we mentioned above, single-use capsule coffee regularly prices at over $50/lb; you can score a decent organic fair trade coffee for around $12/lb – less than 1/3 of the price. Ironically, the cheapest option is in fact the most sustainable – if you want to keep using your capsule coffee maker, buy a reusable Nespresso capsule set and “upgrade” to organic free trade beans and still save yourself hundreds of dollars per year.

Filling reusable nespresso pods with coffee grounds
Refilling your reusable nespresso pods couldn’t be easier! (Photo: Utopia/aw)

4. Reusable Nespresso Pods are More Fair than the Original

Nespresso announced its intentions to purchase fair trade coffee in 2013, but continues to purchase such a small percentage of its beans from fair trade sources that it has yet to be certified. This is unfortunate, but a reusable capsule makes their corporate failure irrelevant: You can purchase the fair trade, organic coffee of your choice and refill your own capsules. Basta!

Reusable Nespresso pods
Start choosing from a wide selections of coffees in the morning and make the switch to reusable Nespresso pods today. (Photo: Utopia/aw)

Conclusion: Switching Makes Sense

Reusable Nespresso pods, such as those we reviewed by Mycoffeestar, Mister Barista, or Coffeeduck, cost between $9-50, which some consumers find expensive. The companies selling these capsules have worked hard to get us thinking of each cup individually, priced around 60 cents, so that it sounds inexpensive.

But the math on this isn’t complicated. One pound of organic fair trade coffee costs around $12. The reusable capsule from Mycoffeestar costs $46. So, the first pound of coffee made with a reusable capsule costs less than $60. How many coffee pods would one get for this same $60? It takes 75 pods to equal the same pound of coffee; at a low 40 cents per pod (assuming sale pricing), it takes just two pounds of coffee to amortize the cost of the most expensive reusable filter we reviewed.

From there on out, it’s only savings in your pocket. Single-serve users continue to buy outrageously priced, unsustainable coffee, while those who fill their own reusable Nespresso pods save anywhere from up to $30-40 per pound every pound, depending on the type of coffee purchased, while helping the environment with every cup.

In short: The cheapest choice is also the most sustainable one – and that’s the easiest kind of change for any of us to make!

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