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potato water

4 Ways to Save and Use Potato Water: Home, Garden, Cooking

Most of us pour the potato water down the drain after we’re finished boiling potatoes, but we shouldn’t! We’ll show you alternative uses for potato water. Read more

sauerkraut juice

Sauerkraut Juice Benefits, Side Effects & Uses

Sauerkraut juice sounds disgusting, but it will give your body a serious nutritional boost. It’s full of vitamins and contains healthy lactobacilli. We’ll tell you why this should be your new drink of choice. Read more

diy mouthwash

Sage Mouthwash: All-Natural Recipe

Commercial mouthwashes often contain ingredients you don’t want or need. With these DIY mouthwash recipes, you can keep your mouth feeling fresh naturally. Read more

Black Seed Oil Benefits

Black Cumin Seed Oil: Benefits and Side Effects

Black seed oil benefits are myriad, and the healing effects can relieve a wide range of symptoms. We’ll show you how this natural remedy can be used, and what side effects can be expected with use. Read more

freezing onions

Can You Freeze Onions? Yes – And Here’s How

Freezing onions is a last resort method, used to avoid food waste. We’ll take a look at what you should keep in mind if you have leftover onions. Read more

what does activated charcoal do?

What Does Activated Charcoal Do? 7 Uses in Health & Household

Activated charcoal is found in many products. But what is it, and what does activated charcoal do? This ancient substance has many benefits and several abundant myths. Read more

aloe vera on face

This is How You Can Use Aloe Vera on Your Face Without Any Drawbacks

Is it safe to use aloe vera on your face? In this article, we will walk you through benefits and potential side effects of using aloe vera for face care. Read more

neem oil for skin

Neem Oil for Skin: 11 Risks and Benefits

Using neem oil for your skin is a natural way to keep yourself looking hydrated and blemish-free. However, using it does come with some risks. Read more