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drawing for anxiety

Why Drawing for Anxiety Actually Works

Art therapy is a popular way to help people deal with a variety of issues. Drawing for anxiety is one way to help de-stress and it's easy to implement. Read more

types of friends

Allies and Foes: 5 Types of Friends You Want & 5 You Don’t

In all walks of life, there are types of friends who uplift us and those who drag us down. Keep reading to learn how to spot the ones who will help you live your best life. Read more

How to help someone with anxiety.

9 Simple Ways to Help Someone with Anxiety

It can be hard to see a loved one struggle with anxiety, but you don't have to feel helpless. We'll guide you through nine simple ways to help someone with anxiety. Read more

parental burnout

Parental Burnout Is Real — Here’s What You Can Do

Parental burnout is overwhelming and deflating, making it difficult to complete daily activities. Learn what parental burnout is and a few tips for how to fix it. Read more

self care day ideas

Need a Self Care Day? Here Are 15 Ideas for Mindful Relaxation

Self-care can reduce stress, increase happiness and even lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Try these 15 self-care day ideas that work for any budget and mood. Read more

intellectual humility

Unlock Intellectual Humility: Uncovering Its Benefits, Obstacles, and Development

The idea of intellectual humility is quite simple: Basically, it just means admitting that we don't have all the answers. Read on to learn why that is so incredibly hard sometimes, and how to be more open to the knowledge of others. Read more

travel alone

Travel Alone: 9 Tips for Maximum Fun, Growth and Safety

With years of travel restrictions and remote working, you might be itching for new pastures. Check out these nine tips on how to travel alone and make the most of your adventure. Read more

bare minimum monday

Bare Minimum Monday: Mental Health Hack or Just a Trend?

Bare Minimum Monday advocates a slow Monday to prioritize mental health over productivity. Here's a look at all sides of the debate. Read more