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blind pimples

Blind Pimples: How to Get Rid of Them (Forever)

Are you battling blind pimples? They may not always be easy to see, but they can still be a nuisance. Follow this guide on how to get rid of blind pimples forever using all-natural methods at home. Read more

microplastics in food

Microplastics in Food: What the Heck?

Plastic is one of the most useful but also harmful inventions of the last century. Why are microplastics in food bad, how do they get there and what can you do? Read more

Epsom Salt for Gardening

Epsom Salt for Gardening: Is it Safe for Plants?

You may have used it in the bath, but is Epsom salt an option for gardening as well? We'll explore whether Epsom salt is safe for plants and when you should use it. Read more

banana benefits for skin

8 Ways in Which Banana Benefits Your Skin

The humble banana is one the world's most produced, traded and consumed fruits, yet its multiple health benefits often go unnoticed. In this article, we explore eight ways in which bananas benefit your skin. Read more

diy eyeliner

DIY Eyeliner: Homemade Recipe

A homemade DIY eyeliner recipe for a natural, non-toxic, and low waste addition to any beauty routine. Save money and resources with this simple guide! Read more

Coconut Oil for Beards

Coconut Oil for Beards: Worth The Hype?

Coconut oil has earned a spot on our kitchen counters, but does that mean we can use it for our beards? We'll explore some benefits, drawbacks, and uses to determine if coconut oil for beards is worth the hype. Read more

dry nail polish faster

Dry Nail Polish Faster: 8 Most Sustainable Options

Painting your nails is a fun and relaxing activity that leaves you feeling cute and ready to conquer the world. But waiting for your nails to dry can be frustrating. Below, we've ranked the most eco-friendly ways to dry your nail polish fast. Read more

how to get rid of hair dye on skin

How to Get Rid of Hair Dye on Skin – 8 Natural Tips

Hair dye is a common way to change up your look. However, using hair dye at home can leave your skin more colorful than your hair. Here are eight natural tips to get rid of hair dye on skin. Read more