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ginger essential oil benefits

Ginger Essential Oil Benefits, Drawbacks & Uses

Ginger essential oil benefits include pain relief, and due to its anti-inflammatory properties may also reduce swelling. It's not known as 'The Oil of Empowerment' for nothing. Read on to find out why. Read more

Burdock root benefits for hair

Burdock Roots: Benefits for Hair & Body

Burdock Root has been used for centuries in holistic medicine. We'll tell you what burdock root is and its benefits for your body and hair. Read more

What does a keratin treatment do

What Does a Keratin Treatment Do and Is It Safe?

What does a keratin treatment do for your hair? In this guide, we'll discuss how the treatment works so that you can decide whether this is the right hair product for you. Read more

How to get dandruff out of your hair

How To Get Dandruff Out of Your Hair Quickly: 7 Tips, Tricks, and Remedies

Learning how to get dandruff out of your hair quickly can be a real life-saver. Follow this guide for ways to get rid of dandruff quickly, and how to prevent it. Read more

homemade foot soak

6 Homemade Foot Soaks With Only Natural Ingredients

A homemade foot soak is a relaxing way to pamper yourself and your feet, without breaking the bank. Read on to find out how to make your own natural foot soak at home. Read more

shaving vs waxing

Shaving vs Waxing: Differences & Effects On the Environment

Do you ever wonder about the easiest way to get smooth, hair-free skin? We investigate the benefits of shaving vs. waxing to determine what's best for you and the environment. Read more

glycerin for skin

Glycerin for Skin: 3 Benefits, the Risks & DIY Instructions

If it seems like glycerin is in every other product at the supermarket, that's because it is. This popular ingredient has a wide variety of uses. Check out the top glycerin benefits for skin here. Read more

acid mantle

Acid Mantle on Your Skin: Significance and How to Protect It

The acid mantle is a natural part of your skin's surface that performs some very important functions. We'll tell you how to effectively maintain a healthy acid mantle. Read more