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lotion bar recipe

Easy Lotion Bar Recipe With 3 Ingredients

Homemade lotion bars are a great way to ensure your skin gets all the hydration and nourishment it needs, without costing the earth. Follow this lotion bar recipe to make your own using just three ingredients. Read more

diy peel off face mask

6 DIY Peel-Off Face Masks For Healthy Skin

DIY peel-off face masks are a great addition to a weekly skincare routine. You can use peel off masks to achieve clear, glowing and moisturized skin. Read more

oatmeal face mask

7 Natural Oatmeal Face Masks for Every Skin Type

Oatmeal face masks are a great way to nourish your skin and can be adapted to suit many different skin types. Learn how to make a variety of oatmeal face masks here. Read more

How to make shaving cream

How to Make Shaving Cream: A Simple DIY Recipe

Whether your shave your legs or face, shaving cream is just as important for your skin as a good razor. Follow this recipe for an all-natural DIY alternative to store-bought shaving cream.  Read more

homemade lotion

All-Natural Homemade Lotion Recipe That You Need to Try

Looking after your skin is not always easy, but making your own homemade lotion has never been simpler. This all-natural DIY recipe is the perfect treatment for dry hands and tired skin. Read more

DIY bubble bath recipe

DIY Recipe for Homemade Bubble Bath – 2 Easy Steps

Made from natural ingredients, this soothing DIY bubble bath will leave you with baby-soft skin. Whether you suffer from stress, skin conditions, low energy, or injury, this bubble bath is here to help! Read more

diy bubble bath

Why Avoid Store-Bought Bubble Bath Products? The Truth

Did you know you could make your own DIY bubble bath solution at home? We'll outline why bubble bath solutions can be hazardous and how making your own is not only cheaper but better for you, your family, and the environment. Read more

homemade foot peel

Homemade Foot Peels for Softer Skin

A homemade foot peel is just what we need when our feet start looking dry and cracked. Next time, why not try these three DIY foot peel recipes? Read more