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Can You Eat Too Much Watermelon? Know the Risks

how much watermelon is too much
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Watermelon is often seen as one of the best parts of summer, but how much watermelon is too much? We’ll take a look at what happens if you accidentally overconsume.

If you love watermelon and eagerly await the summer season every year so you can indulge, you aren’t alone. It’s the fifth most popular fruit in the country — in 2021, the average American ate 14.41 pounds of it! There’s just something about taking a cool and juicy bite that evokes the nostalgic feeling of childhood summers.

Before you start buying it in bulk and eating it every chance you get, it’s worth knowing that too much of a good thing can have negative results. It’s possible to eat too much of this summer fruit, but what’s the limit? How much watermelon is too much? We’re about to find out.

How Much Watermelon Is Too Much?

How much watermelon is too much? You should limit your intake to two cups.
How much watermelon is too much? You should limit your intake to two cups. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Mberg38)

While watermelon is a fairly healthy way to beat the heat, you can overdo it — specifically due to its sugar content, though there are other risks. According to the USDA Dietary Guidelines, it’s best to cap your consumption at two cups of watermelon — the equivalent of 300 grams — if that’s the only fruit you’ll be consuming on any given day. This will still allow you to take advantage of the nutritional benefits watermelon can provide.

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Benefits of the Summer Fruit

Enjoy a tasty treat on a hot summer day.
Enjoy a tasty treat on a hot summer day. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / outsideclick)

You can reap the benefits once you’ve learned how to tell if a watermelon is ripe. The summer melon has a high water content — approximately 92 percent — making it a great fruit to help keep you hydrated in the hot summer months. Additionally, this fruit is full of beneficial nutrients and plant compounds, including:

Did you know you can eat the watermelon rind? Other tasty ways to enjoy this melon include watermelon punch, homemade slushies, watermelon kimchi or a homemade vegan feta cheese and watermelon salad.

Potential Risks of Eating Too Much Watermelon

Eating too much watermelon can cause stomach and digestive issues.
Eating too much watermelon can cause stomach and digestive issues. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / HansMartinPaul)

As mentioned, anything more than 300 grams is too much watermelon in one go. The more you eat, the more likely you are to experience the associated risks.

  • Watermelon is a high glycemic index fruit — its GI is 72 — meaning that it can raise blood sugar levels higher and faster than other fruits. People with diets that are high on the glycemic index are at a higher risk of cardiovascular issues and type 2 diabetes.
  • Due to the lycopene and sorbitol content, this summer melon is considered to be a high FODMAP food. Eating too much watermelon can trigger stomach and digestive issues such as diarrhea, bloating, flatulence and gas.
  • As watermelon is mostly made up of water, there is a small risk of water intoxication or overhydration. More research is needed to support this claim, however, you would have to consume a lot of water and watermelon in a single day in order to be at risk.

Moderation is key, especially when it comes to sugary foods, so be sure to consume watermelon as part of a healthy and well-balanced diet.

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