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fasting one day a week

Fasting One Day a Week: 24-hour Fast Benefits

What does fasting one day a week mean and what does it do for your body and health? Read on to learn the benefits of 24-hour fasting. Read more

Natural remedies for poison ivy

Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy: 4 Fast-Acting Tips

Poison ivy rashes are painful and itchy, so you need to alleviate symptoms fast. These are the 4 best natural remedies for poison ivy. Read more

are bananas good for you

Are Bananas Good for You? Side Effects & Benefits

They're popular and delicious, but are bananas good for you? Let's look at the health benefits — and what can happen if you eat too many. Read more

what is wheatgrass good for

What Is Wheatgrass Good For? Benefits, Nutrition & More

Wheatgrass is a popular, vitamin-packed superfood. So, what is wheatgrass good for? Read our guide to its benefits and side effects. Read more

Yellow tea health benefits recipes how to make yellow tea

Yellow Tea: Benefits and Uses of the Rare Tea Type

Yellow tea, like green tea, has a wide variety of uses. Here's what you need to know about this rare type of tea. Read more

benefits of green juice

6 Benefits of Green Juice: Is It Really Good for You?

Green juice has become one of the biggest health trends of the past decade. We thought we'd take a look at the benefits of green juice. Read more

how to clean your tongue

How to Clean Your Tongue Without A Tongue Scraper

Cleaning your tongue prevents bad breath and supports dental health. Here's how to clean your tongue with baking soda and why it’s important. Read more

does being cold make you sick

Does Being Cold Make You Sick — Or Does It Toughen You Up?

You may wish to save money and energy this winter by turning your heat down, but does being cold make you sick? We'll take a closer look to see if it does more harm than good. Read more