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Critical listening

How to Leverage Critical Listening as an Environmentalist

It's more important than ever to be part of the conversation about the environment. How can critical listening help you make effective eco-arguments? Read more

banana diet

Banana Diet: What Happens When You Only Eat Bananas

We’ll explain how the delicious fruit can help you lose weight and what you should keep in mind when starting the morning banana diet. Read more

DIY hand warmers

DIY Hand Warmers: How You Can Make Them at Home

You don't need to use warming pads with potentially harmful substances to heat your chilly fingers in the winter. Follow this simple tutorial to make your own DIY hand warmers in the afternoon — no sewing machine required. Read more

How to keep feet warm

8 Tips on How To Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter

Depending on the part of the country you live in, winter brings harsh weather and colder temperatures. Learn how to keep your feet warm with the following tips and tricks. Read more

Christmas alone

How to Enjoy Spending Christmas Alone

Are you spending Christmas alone this year because of Covid-19? We'll give you tips on how to enjoy your holiday season even if you can't spend it with family. Read more

Soy Products

Why All the Negative Talk About Soy Isn’t Actually True

Soy causes plenty of controversy. Does it replicate female sex hormones? Is it safe for children? Let's separate myth from fact and find out how healthy soy really is. Read more

winter skin problems

Fix Your Winter Skin Problems With These Natural Remedies

Colder weather often comes with more skin problems. Here are the most common winter skin problems and how to remedy them with natural treatments. Read more

how to fix chapped lips fast

How to Naturally Fix Chapped Lips Fast

Wondering how to fix chapped lips fast? Keep your lips moist and nourish them even on cold winter days using our tips and natural home remedies. Read more