bad mood

How to Beat a Bad Mood

Everyone gets into a bad mood once in awhile – but it's important to take this signal from your body seriously. We’ll look at what leads to a bad mood and how you can lift yourself out of one when you feel stuck. read more

balanced rocks

Lagom: What the Swedish Lifestyle Concept is About

Lagom is a Swedish word which means, “just the right amount”, or “in moderation”. In this article, we’ll show you how this Scandinavian lifestyle concept can bring balance to all areas of your life.  read more

walking barefoot benefits

Walking Barefoot: Reasons to Lose Your Shoes More Often

For many of us, walking barefoot on the beach or at the pool is one of the simple joys of summer. But these don’t need to be the only times we walk around without shoes. Walking barefoot is not just a hippie thing – it’s actually good for you.  read more

ways to fall asleep

Ways to Fall Asleep: Tips and Tricks

Everyone has trouble sleeping sometimes. With these few simple ways to fall asleep, you can learn how to relax, quiet your mind, and drift off to sleep naturally. read more