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Is spicy food good for you health benefits of hot peppers chillis

Is Spicy Food Good For You, Or Does It Cause Lasting Damage?

From Jamaican jerk to the hottest of hot pots, America loves spicy food. But is it really good for you? What kind of health benefits does spicy food have? Read more

home remedies for sinus headache.

Try These 7 Home Remedies for Stubborn Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches can be debilitating, making it difficult to focus on or think about anything else. We'll look at trusted home remedies for stubborn sinus headaches. Read more

decaf green tea benefits

Decaf Green Tea Benefits for Your Health & the Best Alternatives

Green tea is a superfood recognized for its antioxidant properties. Here are decaf green tea's main health benefits, and some more sustainable options. Read more

Love bombing.

Love Bombing: 5 Examples and Signs to Watch Out For

Love bombing is confusing and overwhelming, leaving you questioning yourself and your relationship. We'll discuss some examples of love bombing and why it's so dangerous. Read more


9 Podcasts the Utopia Team Is Obsessed With Right Now

Want to learn more about green living, environmentalism, and other sustainability topics? Here are 9 of our favorite podcasts you can listen to right now. Read more

poisonous fruits

8 Fruits You Never Knew Could Be Poisonous

Harmless fruits can become toxic under certain conditions. Save yourself from a medical emergency by taking a look at eight potentially poisonous fruits. Read more

Sitting yoga poses

5 Sitting Yoga Poses for Stretching and Strength

Yoga is great for people of all abilities. Here are the best sitting yoga poses if you can’t get on the floor. Read more

uv index meaning

UV Index: Meaning for Your Skin, Eyes and Overall Health

Do you know the UV Index meaning and how to interpret it? Learn the different types of radiation we should protect ourselves from in our daily lives. Read more