how to clean your phone

How to Clean Your Phone: Keeping it Clean and Germ-Free

It’s in your hands over and over, all day, every day. That’s why it’s important to keep your cell phone germ-free, not just while the world battles the COVID-19 epidemic. Here’s how to clean your phone without doing any damage. read more

jomo the joy of missing out staying home relaxing

JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out is a trend that frees you from the need to constantly experience something new. Find out how it works here. read more

coronavirus hand washing

Which Cleaning Products Actually Kill Coronavirus?

We’ll help you recognize which products are effective against COVID-19. If you don't have access to store-bought hand sanitizers or disinfectant sprays, don't worry: You can stay germ-free without them, too. read more

Hand washing steps

Hand Washing Steps: Doing It Right

Washing your hands is very important, especially now during the coronavirus pandemic. Follow these hand washing steps to make sure you are doing it right. read more

Coronavirus this isn't about you message to millennials flatten the curve

Fighting Coronavirus: This Isn’t About You

The novel coronavirus is paralysing America and forcing us all to make sacrifices. Those who are still bitching about the constraints put on public life should finally come to grips with one simple fact: This is not about you. read more

How to get rid of dry cough home remedies

How to Get Rid of Dry Cough: Natural Home Remedies

Wondering how to get rid of dry cough with natural home ingredients? Effective home remedies for dry coughs range from honey to natural herbs. Here’s how to put them to proper use and start breathing easy again. read more

bad mood

How to Beat a Bad Mood

Everyone gets into a bad mood once in awhile – but it's important to take this signal from your body seriously. We’ll look at what leads to a bad mood and how you can lift yourself out of one when you feel stuck. read more