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uv index meaning

UV Index: Meaning for Your Skin, Eyes and Overall Health

Do you know the UV Index meaning and how to interpret it? Learn the different types of radiation we should protect ourselves from in our daily lives. Read more

Switching out coffee for tea can stop you from feeling bloated.

Most Common Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms and How To Beat Them

Goodbye coffee, hello caffeine withdrawal symptoms. We'll show you how to push through the unpleasant side effects of quitting coffee. Read more

steam inhalation for colds and coughs

Do Not Make This One Mistake With Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation helps relieve symptoms of coughs and colds. Find out how to inhale steam effectively and when it is better to use a nebulizer. Read more

Self-care ideas

12 Self-Care Ideas for Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for many of us, but these self-care tips can assist your mind, body, and spirit in getting back on track when they might feel a little wobbly. Read more


Niksen: Why You Need the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing in Your Life

Ever heard of niksen? Learn why the Dutch art of doing nothing is a popular and beneficial practice and how to implement it in your own life. Read more

travel anxiety

Developed Travel Anxiety During Covid? Here’s How to Manage It

A major obstacle for people who want to travel is travel anxiety. This article will explain exactly what this looks like, and ways for you to overcome it. Read more

Running in snow

Running in Snow: 7 Great Tips for Winter Running

Running in the snow can be a bit intimidating. If you're prepared, you can get your workout in and stay safe and warm when jogging in snowy, icy and wet conditions. Read more

herbs for constipation

8 Effective Herbs for Constipation Relief

Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years, but what are the best herbs for constipation? Have a look at our top 8 and how to use them. Read more