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Natural remedies for stomach ache

The 5 Best Natural Remedies for a Stomach Ache

No matter what the root cause is, when you have an upset stomach, you want to relieve the symptoms fast. We'll give you five natural remedies for stomach ache. Read more

478 breathing technique

The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique: How it Works

The 4-7-8 breathing technique can benefit you in a variety of situations. If you need an extra push to help you sleep or calm down, try it out. Read more

journal prompts for adults

Journaling Prompts for Adults: Ideas for Intentional Living

Whether you're an experienced journal writer or a total novice, these journal prompts are perfect for helping adults stay mindful, focused, healthy and happy. Read more

Nature therapy eco therapy

Nature Therapy: Why You Should Try It

Nature therapy is the practice of connecting with nature as a therapeutic approach to healing. Learn how to use it to boost your overall wellbeing. Read more

fasting 16 hours a day

Fasting 16 Hours a Day to Boost Your Health

Fasting 16 hours a day may seem like an impossible task, especially for those of us who love food. But intermittent fasting can have some significant health benefits — learn more about them here. Read more

Cycle syncing

Cycle Syncing: Should You Start “Optimizing” Your Menstrual Cycle?

Practicing cycle syncing is empowering as it allows you to maximize your hormonal power by optimising your menstrual cycle. Rather than dreading your period, you can start to use it to make your life easier. Read more


Hoovering: 10 Signs It Might Be Happening to You

Hoovering is a strategy used by narcissistic people who want you back in their life. There are several ways hoovering manifests, all with the goal of breaking the established no-contact. Read more

future self journaling

Future Self Journaling: Biggest Benefits and How-To

Future-self journaling is a great way to harness your creativity to your advantage. Writing about your goals and plans for self-improvement helps you actually achieve them. Read more