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storing potatoes - where to store potatoes

How To Store Potatoes to Keep Them Fresh Longer

Storing potatoes is easy! There are a few things to know about where and how to store them. Read more to find out the best ways to store potatoes. Read more

Cracked corners of mouth.

Cracked Corner of Mouth: Causes and Treatment

Find out what causes cracked corners of the mouth, what symptoms to expect, and how to manage this common complaint by reading more about it. Read more

gua sha jawline

Do Gua Sha Jawline Routines Actually Work?

Gua sha is reported to help tone your face, but how effective is this form of massage really? Here is our take on the reliability of using a gua sha jawline routine. Read more

decaf coffee bad for you

Is Decaf Coffee Bad for You? Here’s What It Really Comes Down to

Could decaf coffee be bad for you? How is coffee even decaffeinated, and does that affect its safety? Let's find out. Read more

Perilla oil

Perilla Oil: Why & What You Should Cook With the Korean Seed Oil

Perilla oil is a staple in Korean cooking and is a favorite for dipping and drizzling on many dishes. Learn why you should cook with this tasty Korean seed oil. Read more

bidet vs toilet paper

Bidet vs. Toilet Paper: Health, Hygiene, and Environment

Want to cut down on paper waste while staying extra clean? We explore the impacts of bidets vs toilet paper for comfort, cleanliness, and sustainability. Read more

best tea for a cold

Proven Best Teas for a Cough, Sore Throat and Colds

The right medicinal and herbal teas for coughs and sore throats can relieve symptoms and strengthen your immune system. Here are the best teas for a cough. Read more

best wellness retreats

10 Best Wellness Retreats in the US

Feeling a bit run down lately and need a break? Head to one of the best wellness retreats in the country to enjoy a little bit of rest and relaxation. Read more