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Tofu skin recipe.

Tofu Skin Recipe: How to Make Your Own Beancurd Skin

This tofu skin recipe requires two ingredients. They are crispy, versatile, and make a great addition to many dishes. We'll show you how to make fresh beancurd skin. Read more

how to dry chives

Drying Chives: Tips on Harvesting, Drying and How to Store Chives

Drying chives is easy — you can air dry, oven dry or dehydrate them. Check out our guide for information and learn how to store chives too! Read more

Can You Eat Pumpkin Skin? Hokkaido, Butternut Squash & More

Pumpkins and squash are delicious and nutritional. Read on to learn which ones have edible skin and save time in the kitchen. Read more

how to freeze eggplant

How to Freeze Eggplant (So It’s Not Mushy When Thawing!)

If you've bought too much, it's important to know how to freeze eggplant so it doesn't go to waste. There's one trick to avoid a mushy texture when defrosting: Learn how to leverage it three ways. Read more


Okara: A By-Product With Superpowers

Okara is a by-product of soy production. We'll explain why this soy pulp shouldn’t go to waste and how to use it in the kitchen with an okara recipe! Read more

Gargling salt water does help a sore throat benefits of salt water gargle

Gargling with Salt Water: Its Benefits and How to Reap Them

Gargling with salt water is an age-old household remedy for sore throats and colds. But what are the benefits and how exactly does it help a sore throat? Read more

pumpkin spice ingredients

These Are the Only Pumpkin Spice Ingredients You Need This Fall

It's pumpkin spice season again! Read here for our list of pumpkin spice ingredients to learn how to recreate this simple yet comforting aromatic blend at home. Read more

pumpkin spice oreos

Here’s How to Make Your Own (Accidentally Vegan) Pumpkin Spice Oreos

An American mainstay, Oreo cookies are a crowd favorite. Did you know you can make your own vegan pumpkin spice Oreo-style cookies at home? We'll show you how. Read more