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should tomatoes be refrigerated

Do Tomatoes Need To Be Refrigerated? The Answer Might Surprise You

Tomatoes are a delicious summer staple in any kitchen. We’ll explain whether or not you should refrigerate tomatoes and give some tips for storage. Read more

Mojito Mint

How To Grow Mojito Mint in Pots or in Your Garden

Mojito mint is a Cuban mint variety that is mild but refreshing.We'll show you how to grow and use the herb. Read more

vegan bao

Easy Vegan Bao Recipe With Eggplant & Zucchini

Vegan bao buns are light and fluffy and can be stuffed with the filling of your choice. You don't need a mixer or steamer to try out our tasty recipe. Read more

how to eat pumpkin seeds

Can You Eat Pumpkin Seeds + Shells? Yes — Here’s How

Pumpkin seeds are a tasty and nutritious addition to your diet. But can you eat the shells, too? Here's how to eat pumpkin seeds and some must-try recipes. Read more

Homemade body butter.

DIY Body Butter Recipe with Geranium & Primrose

Concocting your own homemade body butter is a great way to give your skin an extra boost. Keep reading for a simple DIY recipe for how to make your own whipped body butter. Read more

can you eat raw tofu

Can You Eat Tofu Raw? Yes — Here’s How

Can you eat raw tofu? That's kind of a trick question! We'll look at what you should keep in mind, and give you some ideas on how to use it in dishes. Read more

Pumpkin pie overnight oats

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats: Vegan & Sustainable

Turn the classic and much-loved autumnal dessert into a healthy and nutritious breakfast with our delicious vegan pumpkin pie overnight oats recipe. Read more

turmeric face mask

3 Turmeric Face Mask Recipes & Why Your Skin Will Love Them

Many of us have cooked with turmeric, but have you thought about putting it on your face? Used sparingly, in a turmeric face mask or scrub, we can give ourselves an extra boost. Read more