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hot lemon water

Hot Lemon Water: Recipe and Benefits for Your Health

Hot lemon water is a popular drink during the cold winter months, and is often said to protect against colds. We’ll look into the effects and benefits of hot lemon water, as well as share an easy recipe for this popular drink. Read more

how to cook red lentils

Cooking Red Lentils: Tips and Tricks

Unlike most lentils, red lentils don't require soaking before cooking. We’ll take a look at how to cook red lentils and share some recipe inspiration. Read more

how to freeze soup

Freezing Soup: Methods, Tips and Tricks

Freezing soup is a great way of ensuring you'll have nice dinners all winter long. We'll look at how to freeze soup and what you should pay attention to. Read more

DIY bath salt - homemade bath salts recipe

DIY Bath Salt: Homemade Bath Salts Recipe

Want to make homemade bath salts yourself? We will show you a quick and easy DIY bath salt recipe that will make a great gift for loved ones. Read more

fermented garlic

Fermenting Garlic: Recipe With 3 Ingredients

Fermenting garlic is the ideal way to make your cooking healthier and tastier. We'll show you, how to make fermented garlic from three ingredients! Read more

vegan parmesan cheese recipe

Vegan Parmesan Cheese Recipe: How to Make It Yourself

Vegan Parmesan is in no way inferior in taste to ordinary cheese. With only four ingredients you can make it yourself — our recipe shows you how easy it is. Read more

calming tea - tea for anxiety

Calming Tea: Varieties to Help with Stress and Anxiety

Calming tea has a long-standing tradition in many cultures – with good reason. Certain blends can help you to find sleep or relax. On top of that there are many herbal teas for anxiety and stress. Read more

Homemade applesauce

Unsweetened Applesauce: Easy Sugar-Free Recipe

Looking for a delicious apple sauce without the added sugar? Try this homemade recipe: Unsweetened applesauce is incredibly easy to make from scratch. Read more