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Vegan apple pie crumble recipe

Vegan Apple Pie Recipe: A Seasonal Favorite

Vegan apple pie offers a great way to put apples to use. This apple pie recipe is ready in a jiffy and uses nothing but only plant-sourced ingredients. Read more

Vegan bread recipe shopping tips what ingredients to look for on bread packaging

Is Bread Vegan? Brands, Recipes and Tips

So, is bread vegan? In many cases, yes. We'll show you a couple common vegan bread brands, what to look out for when buying and how to make your own. Read more

Ginger water recipe cup tea

Ginger Water: Health Effects and Recipe

Ginger water is an extremely healthy and refreshing drink for when you're on the go - here's how you make it. Read more

vegan egg substitute teaser

Vegan Egg Substitute: 6 Ideas for Vegan Egg Replacers

Whether you’ve purposely cut eggs out of your life, or you just happen to have run out: our list of vegan egg substitutes will help you get the delicious results you’re looking for. Read more

Homemade Pizza Dough

How to Make Pizza Dough: A Simple and Easy Recipe

You've always wanted to learn how to make pizza dough for a delicious meal handcrafted in your own kitchen? Our quick and easy homemade pizza dough recipe with only a couple ingredients makes for a great start! Read more

moon milk

Moon Milk: Make This Trendy Ayurvedic Beverage Yourself

Moon milk is said to ensure a peaceful night's rest. With our moon milk recipe you can make the tasty honey drink yourself in a few simple steps. Read more

homemade pesto

Homemade Pesto: Easy Recipe in Just 5 Steps

Make your own homemade pesto using a variety of herbs and vegetables. We’ll show you the right ingredients and recipe to whip up a delicious pesto all on your own. Read more

how to make banana chips

How To Make Banana Chips at Home

Making your own baked banana chips at home is easy. The homemade version is much healthier than anything you’ll find at the supermarket, because it does not contain added fat and sugar. We'll show you how to make banana chips in a few simple steps. Read more