Natural Home Remedies against Colds: Stinky Edition

Natural Cold Remedies
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The end of winter doesn’t spell the end of cold season. Viruses can strike any time of year – summer is no exception. If you find yourself under the weather, there are a number of natural home remedies you can draw upon to alleviate your symptoms and keep your suffering to a minimum.

“Achoo!!!” Oh no, have you caught something? Most people associate cold and flu season with winter, and rightly so. Yet, if you take public transportation every day, you’re likely to develop a runny nose and scratchy throat at some point – sometimes even in the summer. Before you turn to your medicine cabinet, why not give these natural home remedies a chance to work their wonders first?

DIY Cough Syrup – with Onions and Honey

Onions not only make us tear up and give our dishes a unique flavor, they’re an important tool in any home pharmacy kit and a classic companion in cold season. Onions have antibacterial properties and can be combined with honey into an effective cough syrup.

Here’s how you do it: Peel one onion. Chop it finely, then place it into a jar or cup and cover it with two tablespoons of honey. For vegans or anyone without honey at home, substitute sugar instead. Allow the mixture to stand for a few hours or overnight, then pour over the resultant liquid into a clean container. You can administer your DIY cough syrup by spoonful multiple times throughout the day.

You can also use an unpeeled onion to make onion tea.

“Onion juice – doesn’t it taste disgusting?” The honey or sugar really moderates and sweetens the flavor. Onion is an effective natural home remedy against coughing – give it a try!

Potato and Onion Wraps as Cold Remedies: Straight out of Grandma’s Playbook

Hot wraps are one of the oldest home remedies against cold symptoms. Potato wraps, for example, are best for sore throats. Cook unpeeled potatoes using your preferred method; once they’re fully cooked, lay them inside a cotton towel and flatten them slightly, being careful not to burn yourself. Wrap the potato towel inside another hand towel, then place around your neck and throat for a good half an hour. Always test the wrap before placement to ensure you don’t accidentally burn sensitive skin.

Our old friend, the onion, isn’t only good for coughs, but also for earaches. Onion vapors improve circulation and reduce germs. For your wrap, finely chop one onion, then place it in a cotton towel or an old sock. Place your onion sack directly on your earache, holding it in place with your hand or a bandanna for at least 20 minutes.

The Garlic Cure: Smells Bad, Works Better against colds

If you want to feel better, you may have to suffer a bit first – and in this case, that means eating garlic. It’s a natural remedy against bacteria and fungi. The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic are most powerful when garlic is consumed raw, perhaps in salad – or, if you’re brave, bitten directly off a freshly-peeled clove. Raw garlic will clear your sinuses more effectively than even wasabi, and the challenge will largely be forgotten because you’ll be breathing more easily in minutes.

Garlic soup, bruschetta with garlic, or garlic sliced in a salad –regularly eating fresh garlic as part of your diet in fall and winter months may keep you from getting sick in the first place. One tip: Avoid contact with any other human beings for at least two days following your garlic cure. Easy, right, since you don’t want anyone else to get sick anyway? 🙂

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Utopia sends you our wishes for a speedy recovery!

By Victoria Scherff

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