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You Can Freeze Almond Milk – Here’s Why You Should

can you freeze almond milk
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Wondering if you can freeze almond milk? The process is pretty simple. We'll show you the best method to freeze this plant-based beverage and how you can use it.

Almond milk is a plant-based beverage derived from water and almonds. It is a popular choice among vegans due to the fact that it is lactose-free. In fact, almond milk has become so popular in the United States that it accounted for $344 million in sales value during the first three months of 2021. 

The nutty-flavored milk is made by blending almonds and water together before the mixture is strained to remove the solids – you can make homemade almond milk yourself. The end product? A smooth, creamy liquid that is best known for its nutty flavor — almond milk. However, can you freeze almond milk? Let’s take a look.  

Can You Freeze Almond Milk?

Almond milk can be frozen, but it will effect its taste and texture.
Almond milk can be frozen, but it will effect its taste and texture.
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You can freeze almond milk, and it’s a fairly simple process too. You can do it one of two ways:

  • Ice-cube trays: If you want to portion your almond milk into smaller portions, then use an ice-cube tray. Pour the liquid into the tray and place it flat in the freezer so there is no spillage. 
  • Containers: Using a reusable container, portion out your almond milk and put it in the freezer to set. Tip: Using stainless steel containers enables you to freeze foods without plastic.  

It’s worth noting that freezing almond milk will affect both the taste and the texture when thawed due to separation. To counter the separation, blend your almond milk for between 20-30 seconds after defrosting. To counter the taste, mix the defrosted almond milk into an existing recipe so you are less likely to notice the change in taste and texture.

After thawing, you should use your almond milk within two to five days.   

How to Use Frozen Almond Milks

You can use thawed almond milk in a smoothie.
You can use thawed almond milk in a smoothie.
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Almond milk is always best consumed fresh. However, if you’re freezing it, we have some interesting ways that you can use it. This way, nothing goes to waste, and you get to enjoy your almond milk as part of a yummy meal.

First, you need to defrost your almond milk. You can do so by placing it in the fridge and leaving it to thaw. However, it is important to take into consideration the size of your container. The bigger the container of almond milk, the longer it will take to defrost. Once it is defrosted, give it a blend or a stir to counter the separation. Once defrosted, you can incorporate your thawed almond milk into any of the following:  

Freezing almond milk will not only help you to free up room in your refrigerator, but it will also prevent less milk from going to waste if you tend to purchase it in bulk. This way you’re cutting down on food waste, as well as potentially saving yourself money (as the milk will last longer).   

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