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healthy banana bread with oats

Healthy Banana Bread with Oats

Banana bread is a great way to use up leftover bananas, but did you know you can make a healthy banana bread with oats, for a different spin on this hearty delight? Read more

Crabapple jelly

Easy Crabapple Jelly Recipe

Wondering what to do with a tree full of crabapples? Crabapple jelly is a simple, tasty, and free way to put these common, yet under-appreciated fruits to use. Read more

Vegetable ramen

2 Quick & Easy Vegetable Ramen Recipes

This quick and easy vegetable ramen recipe is a tasty plant-based Japanese dish that can be adjusted to your desires and cravings. Create your own unique variations on ramen. Read more

Mung bean porridge: Healthy vegan recipe

Mung Bean Porridge: Healthy Vegan Recipe

Mung bean porridge – or Indonesian bubur kacang hijau – is a sweet, vegan dish eaten at breakfast or as a snack. It only includes a few ingredients – read on to learn how to make it. Read more