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can you freeze cooked rice

Can You Freeze Cooked Rice? Yes, Here’s How

Can you freeze cooked rice? Yes, once you have the know-how. Learn how to freeze rice and find inspiration in our recipes for ways to use it afterward. Read more

how to store kiwi

How to Store Kiwi Properly (Fridge and Counter)

Kiwi fruit is delicious, and nutritious and can be expensive depending on where you live. We'll show you how to store kiwi properly to reduce household food waste. Read more

what is seitan

Seitan: The Plant-Based Powerhouse You Need in Your Diet

What is seitan, and what makes it a nutrition megastar? Learn more about what seitan is made of and how to make this vegan meat alternative at home. Read more

does red wine go bad does white wine go bad

Does Wine Go Bad? How to Tell If Your Favorite Bottle Has Gone Sour

Does red or white wine go bad? They say wine gets better with age, but that might not always be the case. We'll show you when and how wine goes bad, how to store it, and share some uses for expired wine. Read more

Nutella Lovers, Unite & Learn How to Make Nutella at Home (It’s Vegan)

Making homemade vegan Nutella means knowing for sure that your dessert doesn't contain any mystery ingredients. Making chocolate spreads yourself is really easy: all you need is a few simple ingredients and a powerful blender. Read more

how to cook dried chickpeas

Budget-Friendly & Delicious: How to Cook Dried Chickpeas Like a Pro

Chickpeas are delicious, healthy, and add variety to your diet —but before you cook them, you must soak them first! We'll show you how to cook and soak dried chickpeas, so you can easily prepare them yourself at home. Read more

how to freeze bread

No More Wasted Bread: Discover How to Freeze Bread in a Snap

Freezing bread is a great way to save leftovers or guarantee that you always have some on hand. But can you freeze bread, and if so, how do you freeze it correctly? We’re taking a look at how to freeze bread so that it doesn't go to waste. Read more

wild onion

Can You Eat Wild Onions? Here’s What to Look Out For

You can eat wild onion — if you follow these simple steps to stay safe. From identifying to cooking, we cover everything you need to know. Read more