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plu codes

How to Use PLU Codes to Identify Organic Produce Fast

Identifying organic food can feel overwhelming when facing rows upon rows of supermarket produce. PLU codes can hold the answer — here's how. Read more

Wild Garlic a.k.a. Allium Ursinum: All You Need To Know

Wild garlic is one of the first edible plants to pop up in the spring. Here's where to find wild garlic and the best recipes to use it in! Read more

Can you eat ants.

Can You Eat Ants? Why You Might Want to Try It

Can you eat ants? It's not as gross as it sounds and is common among different cultures around the world. We'll share why you might want to try this delicacy. Read more

Wild garlic pesto on pizza.

Wild Garlic Pizza: Easy Vegan Recipe

Spring has sprung, which means it's wild garlic season. What better way to celebrate this short but special time of year than with wild garlic pizza? Here's how to make it. Read more

is an olive a fruit or a vegetable

Is an Olive a Fruit or a Vegetable? The Answer Might Surprise You

Olives are delicious Mediterranean snacks, but is an olive a fruit or a vegetable? Just because we love olives on a pizza doesn't make them vegetables...does it? Read more

vegan lava cake

Vegan Lava Cake: Impress Your Guests With This Deliciously Decadent Recipe

Elevate your dessert game with our vegan lava cake recipe. Rich chocolate cake with a gooey lava center — no one will believe it's plant-based! Read more

easter dinner for vegetarians

Vegetarian Easter Dinner Ideas to Wow Your Guests (Mains, Sides & Desserts)

From delicious desserts to mouthwatering entrees, these plant-based meals have something for everyone. Here are some crowd-pleasing vegetarian Easter dinner ideas. Read more

Nitrate vs nitrite

Nitrate vs. Nitrite: Differences and Uses in Food

Nitrate vs. nitrite: What's the difference? Learn how these food additives are used and their potential positive and negative health effects. Read more