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Can you use expired sunscreen

Can You Use Expired Sunscreen? Here’s What to Check to be Sure

When the sun is suddenly out and you only have that one bottle of sunscreen from last year — and it's past its expiration date. But can you use expired sunscreen, should you, and is it still better than no sunscreen at all? Read more

sunburned eyes

Sunburned Eyes: How to Tell If You Have Photokeratitis

Sunburned eyes can be a painful and sometimes serious injury. Find out more about it and how to avoid damaging your eyes and vision. Read more

Health benefits of ice bath.

9 Health Benefits of Ice Baths That Will Make You Brave the Cold

Wondering about the health benefits of an ice bath? There's more to this practice than just braving the cold – learn why you should consider taking the plunge yourself. Read more

how to overcome perfectionism

10 Practical Steps to Overcome Perfectionism Every Day

Perfectionism can hold you back from achieving your goals. Learn 10 practical tips to overcome perfectionism and start making progress! Read more

bedtime stretches

The 9 Best Bedtime Stretches to Improve Your Sleep

Wondering what bear hugs and low lunges have in common? These and other easy bedtime stretches can help you get a good night's sleep. Read more

How to overcome imposter syndrome

8 Tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Unlock Creativity

If you ignore these warning signs of imposter syndrome, it can harm many aspects of your life. Learn how to overcome imposter syndrome and stop it from holding you back. Read more

what is forest bathing

What Is Forest Bathing & Where Should You Try It?

Can spending time in nature really reduce stress? The practice of forest bathing can actually do a whole lot more. Learn how to reap the benefits here. Read more

How to find the right therapist

How to Find the Right Therapist in 6 Steps

Getting help can be daunting, so make it easier on yourself by breaking it down into manageable steps. Learn how to find the right therapist for you. Read more