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natural remedies for bloating

12 Proven Natural Remedies for Bloating

Do natural remedies for bloating actually work? We took a deep dive into some of the tried and tested remedies so you don't have to reach for the medicine cabinet. Read more

lemon ginger tea

Ginger and Garlic Tea: Benefits & Recipe

Let’s be honest: garlic tea sounds disgusting. But despite seeming unusual, this medicinal tea has been used for centuries, particularly by Native Americans. Learn about the effects and benefits of ginger and garlic tea, and how to make your own at home. Read more

Touch love language

The “Touch” Love Language: Explanation & Ideas

Maintaining the "touch" love language with your partner is something that can often become complicated. We explain the five love languages, as well as some tips on how to mindfully practice the love language of physical touch together. Read more

tea decaffeination

Tea Decaffeination: The 4 Methods Explained

Yes, tea decaffeination is a thing. We'll explain the impact of the four commonly used methods on the tea's flavor, and suggest some tasty and sustainable caffeine-free alternatives. Read more

Home remedies body aches

4 Simple Home Remedies for Body Aches

What are the benefits of natural home remedies for body aches and how exactly do they work? We've got all the answers, practical tips, and household recipes you'll ever need right here in this guide. Read more

Pressure points for sleep

The 5 Best Pressure Points for Sleep

Everyone has difficulty sleeping at times, but acupressure believes that certain pressure spots for sleep are the key to a restful night's sleep. You can learn how to relax, quiet your thoughts, and naturally fall asleep with these few simple methods. Read more

home remedies for ingrown hair

7 Home Remedies For Ingrown Hair: Treatment and Prevention

Most of us have experienced the irritation and discomfort of ingrown hair at some point in our lives, but how do we get rid of them and how do we avoid them in the first place? In this article, we'll answer these questions, plus provide some natural home remedies to treat them. Read more

home remedies for mosquito bites

10 Natural Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

Itchy, unsightly and uncomfortable: summer is bug biting season. Fortunately, there are several natural home remedies for mosquito bites you can use to treat them which use simple, easy-to-find ingredients. We'll show you how. Read more