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vegan eggnog recipe

Here’s the Only Vegan Eggnog Recipe You’ll Ever Need

This vegan eggnog recipe only takes five minutes to whip up, so you can enjoy this sweet and creamy beverage with your friends and family this holiday season. Read more

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How To Make Salt Dough Ornaments (For All Ages)

Salt dough ornaments are a fun project for all ages. With our quick and easy salt dough recipe, you can create unique works of art. Read more

fire cider recipe

Reboot Your Immune System With the Ultimate Fire Cider Recipe

This fire cider recipe (or fire tonic) packs a punch and can boost your immune system and circulation. Here's how. Read more

limoncello spritz

5-Ingredient Limoncello Spritz (Italian Style)

Citrus flavors taste even more refreshing in the warmer weather. Try this limoncello spritz recipe for a refreshing citrusy cocktail you can drink all summer long. Read more

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Foolproof Peppermint Chocolate Cookies (Vegan)

Who doesn't love chewy and gooey peppermint chocolate cookies? Check out our delicious recipe for this festive holiday treat — with a plant-based twist! Read more

Vegan Christmas Cookies

Vegan Christmas Cookies Everyone Will Love

Christmas is around the corner, and that means it’s almost time for Christmas cookies. Why not try vegan Christmas cookies this year? Whip up some delicious treats in no time with these two easy vegan Christmas cookie recipes. Read more

best soup recipes

The 30 Best Soup Recipes for the Winter Months

Soup is a classic and easy cold-weather dish that can be made from almost anything. Read on for the best soup recipes using seasonal, organic and homegrown vegetables. Read more

Vegan stuffing recipe.

Best Vegan Stuffing Recipe — No One Will Notice the Difference

Stuffing is essential to complete a holiday dinner, this vegan stuffing recipe is so simple, and you'll easily find all the ingredients in the store. Read more