The 16 Best Earth Day 2022 Activities to Save the Planet

Earth Day 2022 Activities
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Looking for some Earth Day 2022 activities to support our planet? Here are some ideas for how to have your best Earth Day yet.

Earth Day is a worldwide environmental movement that takes place every year on April 22nd. The goal with this celebration is to raise awareness about sustainability and clean living, and to educate people on the importance of preserving our planet. From everyday green living ideas, to spending time outdoors, or even picking up litter to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean, there are many activities for Earth Day 2022 you can participate in to support the movement.

The first Earth Day took place in 1970 in the United States, when the country’s economy was doing exceptionally well, but the side effects were air pollution and waste. At that time, environment preservation was not a priority, and there wasn’t much awareness on sustainable practices, even though the planet was starting to suffer. The devastating oil spill that took place in Santa Barbara, California in 1969 was the tip of the iceberg, and the government launched a campaign to promote Earth Day and its concept across the United States. On April 22nd, 1970, the first Earth Day took place and more than 20 million Americans participated in activities to support new sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Earth Day has been celebrated ever since, and it has spread worldwide since the 90s. With this annual celebration just around the corner, we encourage you to check out our ideas for Earth Day activities you can do at home, with your kids, and even at your workplace. Happy Earth Day!

Outdoor Earth Day 2022 Activities

Go on a hike or nature walk this Earth Day.
Go on a hike or nature walk this Earth Day.
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1. Do a community cleanup: Gather your family and friends and participate in a community cleanup in honor of Earth Day. Find an outdoor public space such as a park or even a well-known trail and pick up the garbage you find. You can then sort it out for recycling and dispose of it correctly. If you live nearby the ocean, a river, or a lake, that would be a great option as well. Unfortunately, some people tend to litter in these natural spaces, so picking up all that trash would make a positive impact on the environment.

2. Go on a hike or nature walk: Get outside and spend some time in nature as one of your Earth Day 2022 activities! Try out a new nature path or try out urban hiking to get some fresh air. There are many benefits to walking – it can help beat bad moods and improve mental and emotional wellbeing. Did you know that on top of having physical health benefits, walking barefoot brings you into contact with nature? Perhaps you’d like to give this one a try too.

3. Make a bird feeder: If you are feeling crafty, you can make a bird feeder to have in your garden or backyard. Birds need to adapt their diets depending on the season. By having a bird feeder, you can help them get their food more easily, especially during the winter months. Keep in mind that bread is not good for birds, but there are other options for feeding them, such as homemade suet.

4. Build an insect hotel: Another great Earth Day 2022 activity to do outdoors is to build a bug hotel. Lots of insects need a safe place away from pesticides and pollution to build their shelters and to spend the winter months. If you are up for it and you have some space in your garden, a bug hotel is one of many great ways to help bees and other insects.

Earth Day Ideas to Do at Home

Eat more fruits and vegetables and try to reduce your meat consumption.
Eat more fruits and vegetables and try to reduce your meat consumption.
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5. Propagate your indoor plants – and share them with friends: Did you know that with water propagation you can grow new indoor plants from the ones you already have? Some of the best plants for propagation are philodendron, pothos, pilea, and spider plants. You can also propagate monstera plants and even grow aloe vera! If you and your friends have some of these indoor plants, you can get together and exchange cuttings from different plants to start propagating as one of your Earth Day activities.

6. Cut down on animal products: Following a plant-based diet has many health benefits. Whether you want to try going vegan, becoming vegetarian, or simply want to eat less meat, reducing the amount of animal products you consume can help the environment a lot. You can improve your own health and avoid participating in the negative effects of meat production, such as factory farming and increased greenhouse gases.

7. Transition to reusable grocery bags: Keep reusable shopping bags in your car or backpack so that you don’t forget them every time you go grocery shopping. By having reusable bags, you help reduce the amount of plastic waste. You can also try plastic-free shopping as a first step towards going plastic-free.

8. Turn off the lights: Commit (or recommit) to turning off lights and any other electric appliances when they are not being used to save electricity. You can even consider charging a quarter to family members every time someone forgets the light on, or perhaps deducting TV or smartphone time is more efficient for children and teenagers in the family.

Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

Earth Day 2022 activity for kids: prepare a scavenger hunt!
Earth Day 2022 activity for kids: prepare a scavenger hunt!
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / JonPauling)

9. Sign up to volunteer alongside your family: Get out of your comfort zone and sign up to volunteer with You can sign up through their website and learn about different volunteering opportunities happening worldwide on Earth Day! 

10. Plan a trip to your local farmer’s market: Take the little ones in the family to the farmer’s market to get some fresh fruits and vegetables. You can explain them how buying local, organic food is much better for the environment because it reduces your carbon footprint (and it is also better for your tastebuds!). Bring your reusable grocery bags and make it a whole zero-waste experience!

11. Plant an indoor herb garden: Get some soil and seeds for one of the greenest Earth Day 2022 activities of all. If you enjoy using herbs for cooking, this is the perfect excuse to plant a kitchen herb garden to have fresh herbs from now on. You can also grow a herb garden on your windowsill so that your kids can be in charge of watering it themselves.

12. Have them do an Earth Day Scavenger hunt: Scavenger hunts are a great way to get children engaged while they learn something new. You can get creative on how to prepare your hunt, or you can also get some ideas from the internet. From spotting different flowers and plants to a litter-collection race, the little ones will love this Earth Day 2022 activity.

Earth Day 2022 Activities for Your Workplace

Make recycling bins more accessible in your workplace.
Make recycling bins more accessible in your workplace.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / imordaf)

13. Transition to reusable water bottles: Encourage your coworkers to switch to reusable water bottles if they haven’t done so already. This gesture can go a long way – you will reduce the amount of plastic wasted every day and will help reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.

14. Host a plant-based office meal during your lunch break: Get together with your colleagues and organize a plant-based lunch in honor of Earth Day. You can plan in advance so that everyone can bring a delicious dish and share it with one another. This is also a great team-bonding activity since often people eat on their own; now you get the chance to celebrate something special during lunch break!

15. Add more recycling bins: Recycling is more successful if it is more accessible to all. If your workplace can add more recycling bins, it will encourage employees to be more mindful when they throw away their garbage. You can send them all a friendly note as a reminder to dispose of the trash correctly – let’s be mindful in honor of Earth Day, but let’s keep it all year long!

16. Organize a car-free day or a carpool day: Go the extra mile for the environment and encourage your coworkers to use their bikes or public transportation as one of your Earth Day 2022 activities. By doing so, you will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions – and perhaps more than one person will want to stick to bikes or trains in the long run! If your job location, the weather, or any other circumstance don’t allow that, you can organize a carpool day to reduce your carbon footprint.

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