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raw garlic health benefits

Health Benefits of Raw and Cooked Garlic

Garlic is used in cooking for both its flavor and diverse range of health benefits. We'll look at some health benefits of raw garlic, and make some suggestions for recipe ideas. Read more

how to freeze chives

How to Freeze Chives & Preserve Them

Learning how to freeze chives can help reduce waste and enable you to enjoy their vibrant flavor for longer. Once frozen, they can be used in a variety of recipes! Read more

vegan tzatziki

Quick & Easy Vegan Tzatziki

Tzatiki is a fresh and tasty way to level up your next dish. Though it's traditionally made with dairy, this vegan recipe is just as good (if not better)! Read more

keeping squirrels out of garden

How to Make Your Food Less Spicy

Is your food just too spicy? Find out what you can do to make food less spicy – and what helps when the food you're already eating is too hot. Read more