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15 Sweet and Savory Vegan Brunch Ideas

Vegan brunch ideas
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Feeling hungry after breakfast, but too early for lunch? Then you need brunch! We'll give you some sweet and savory tips as well as vegan drink ideas to enjoy. Let's go!

Brunch is usually eaten between ten in the morning and midday and is a cross between breakfast (br-) and lunch (-unch). Vegans can enjoy most brunch options by switching eggs for alternatives like mushrooms or tofu and meat for veggie sausages or even tempeh bacon. Dairy milk in drinks can be replaced with plant-based milk such as soy, homemade oat milk or homemade almond milk.

Bread should generally be vegan, but it is best to check the ingredients list as sometimes eggs or milk can be added — or even better, make your own from scratch, so you know exactly what has gone into it.

We’ll give you some tasty sweet and savory brunch ideas as well as some vegan-friendly brunch drinks. Let’s get stuck in.

Five Sweet Vegan Brunch Ideas

Try fresh fruit, nice cream or vegan clotted cream on your waffles.
Try fresh fruit, nice cream or vegan clotted cream on your waffles.
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For those of you with a sweet tooth, these brunch ideas will appeal.

  1. Homemade vegan waffles — Light and fluffy, you’ll love this sweet brunch recipe. It uses oat milk for a creamy taste and a recipe for aquafaba which uses the water from cooked chickpeas instead of egg whites.
  2. Oat milk pancakes — Use the topping of your choice on these vegan pancakes such as strawberry syrup, vegan Nutella or chocolate chips.
  3. Eggless French toast — Another recipe with a versatile topping, you could eat vegan French toast with fresh strawberries or even a scoop of vegan nice cream.
  4. Vegan yogurt — Vegans can still enjoy yogurt by using this recipe which uses agar agar flakes instead of dairy milk. It can be enjoyed with fresh fruit or oats.
  5. Date scones — A lighter option that can be consumed with a cup of tea or coffee. For extra indulgence, smother in strawberry jam and a dollop of vegan clotted cream.

Five Savory Vegan Brunch Ideas

Vegan asparagus quiche is healthy and egg-free.
Vegan asparagus quiche is healthy and egg-free.
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For something a little more substantial, try these savory recipes.

  1. Asparagus quiche — This healthy brunch option goes well with a salad or baked potato. The pastry uses vegan margarine, flour and water and the filling uses aquafaba instead of eggs.
  2. Vegan lox (plant-based smoked salmon) — Perfect to go on top of a brunch bagel with vegan cream cheese. This tasty fish alternative is made from shaved carrots, a healthy substitute.
  3. Vegan chickpea salad — This nutritious salad will make a light brunch and will go well with bread or crackers.
  4. Vegan frittata — This recipe uses silken tofu instead of eggs and can be served with steamed new potatoes or potato wedges.
  5. Vegan sandwiches — Everybody’s favorite, sandwiches are quick and easy to make and can be adapted to suit your taste. Check out these ideas, including vegan BLT, “fish-friendly” tuna salad, and grilled vegan cheese.

Five Vegan Brunch Drinks

Vegan strawberry milk is made with plant-based milk.
Vegan strawberry milk is made with plant-based milk.
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Vegans can also enjoy delicious brunch drinks, without the dairy.

  1. Date shake — A creamy, slightly sweet shake with no added sugar. This shake will fill you up and give you a burst of protein and fiber too.
  2. Pumpkin smoothie — A healthy fall smoothie, not only does it include pumpkin, but also carrots and pear.
  3. Strawberry milk — This recipe can be followed with or without a blender and it can be made less calorific by using a natural sweetener instead of sugar.
  4. Southern sweet tea — A sweet black tea to relax with, try drinking it with the date scones above.
  5. Chai tea latte — Use plant-based milk for this creamy, spiced drink which will go well with the sweet brunch options above.

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